Brasov Country, RO

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Brasov Country

Geography and Demography
Brasov is situated in the central part of the country, 160 km north-west of Bucharest, Romania’s capital. The county has a total area of 5,363 km².
Total population of Braşov County amounts to 596.600 inhabitants, with about 400,000 living in Brasov City. Braşov County has 9 towns, of which 4 are municipal towns, and 43 communes including 150 villages.
Through the excellent geographic position, protected by the Carpathian Mountains, Braşov county is the tourist heart of Romania and represents an important economic and cultural spot for Romanians and foreign people, offering quality conditions for meetings and leisure.
Brasov City is an important academic centre, registering a number of five universities with specialized departments in the technical, technological, IT, economic, law, philology, medicine, humanities fields, having more than 25,000 students.
Brasov County registered a sustainable economic growth (for the last 5 years), the average increase of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was of 10%, while, at national level the average increase of GDP, for the same period, was of 6%, only.
The economic structure is formed by: industry (34%), trade (44%), services (12%), construction (8%) and agriculture (2%) and the labour force structure are included in: industry (37%), trade (24%), services (25%), construction (12%) and agriculture (2%).
There are 38,046 economic agents registered in the County, out of which approximately 2,000 have a turnover over 300,000 Euro and 2,711 companies are with foreign capital. The ratio of SME’s is of 65% of the total number of companies.
The County has an important business infrastructure: 8 industrial parks (5 brown field, 3 green field) and 2 business incubators, with a total surface of 230 ha. Also, compared with the others regions at the same level of populations, Brasov County has low cost of investments, land, buildings, new constructions.

Labour market
In 2009, the increase in the labour’s cost was much more little for the majority of the EU states. Romania held the second place, with 9.6% after Bulgaria, in what concerns the increase in the labour’s cost in the third quarter of 2009, comparative with the third quarter of 2008.
For what concerns Brasov County, in 2008 increases in the average net wage were recorded for all the economic branches. According to Brasov County Department for Statistics (DJS), the highest values of the salary wage were recorded in the financial brokerage activities (4285 lei/1,100 €), and the lowest in clothes manufacturing (791 lei/200 €).
The socio-demographic profile of the unemployed in February 2010 is compared with the same period of 2008, so we can see a small decrease in women’s unemployment: Furthermore the number of unemployed in the urban area increases with 11%.
In December 2009 after the net average salary by the total economy, Brasov County was on the 15th place in the Counties Chart. According to the dates registered by DJS, in 2009 in Brasov County the average wage was of 1226 lei (290 €), while the national average was on 1381 lei (320 €). Even tough a small increase of the annual average wage in 2009 is registered compared with 2008, through reporting to the evolution of the intake prices, a decrease of the real wage was registered. Compared with December 2009, the average net nominal earnings per month decreased by 6%, and the intake prices increased in the same period with 4.47%, therefore the real salary decreased by 10.25%.
Research and development
Total expenditure from research&development activity increased by 50.1% in 2009 compared to 2008, while employees in research and development increased by 27.0%.
Although by 2008 both the number of active enterprises and the turnover of active local units in the county have grown, there was a decline in 2009: the number of active enterprises decreased by 3.26% and the turnover of active local units by 5.98%.
The total expenditure from research/development activity, was in 2009 double than in 2004, as the number of employees in this activity are. The capital expenditure for Brasov County, which is a half from the value in 2007.